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Air Curtain Ad 132
Air Curtain Ad 132

Air Curtain Ad 132

Product SKU: AADITEHS408

Colour: White

  • The sleekest Air Curtain in the world.
  • All metallic casting-High in fire resistance, compact in over-all construction, convenient in installation, easy for cleaning and maintenance.
  • Single switch button to control the High/Low speed that can meet the need of various environments & door heights.
  • Reliable designed motor that can run 5000 hours continuously.
  • Multiple installation Specific-actions-body dimensions of 3/4/5 feet.
  • Variable installation Height 8-10 feet.
  • Centrifugal type forward banding blace wheel constrction, fitted with efficient volute design, rendering the capacity of the curtain for the best results. This type of wheel is high efficient, less noisy, with large air volume (maximum air speed reaching 21m/s). High velocity of this air curtain is unmatched by any other air curtain in the market.
  • Over heating protection- when motor temperature goes over the temperature (145c) the power supply will be automatically cut off and when the motor temperature decline (below 145c) it will strat running automatically.