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Oil Sorbent Pads-50Cmx50-1392 (42883)
Oil Sorbent Pads-50Cmx50-1392 (42883)

Oil Sorbent Pads-50Cmx50-1392 (42883)


Size: 50cm x 50cm
Colour: white
Case Count: 160pc in case

  • Oil Absorbents selectively absorb oil-based liquids, but do not absorb water and chemicals. Primarily ranged for the manufacturing segment and machine servicing industry, they can be used in production and maintenance operations to control leaks, drips and spills of liquids such as lubricating oil, hydraulic fluids, gear oil, fuels, grease and thick hydrocarbons.
  • Kimberly-Clark Oil Absorbent Pads are easy-to-use
  • Good absorption capacity of 720g per pad
  • 300gsm Suited to hand wiping small spills, for placing under predictable leaks and secretions or as a work mat while servicing.