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Sanitary Bin Miniped-White
Sanitary Bin Miniped-White

Sanitary Bin Miniped-White

Product SKU: AADITEHS267

Colour: WHITE
Content: 12ltr capacity
Case Count: 20

  • Features: Attractive, slimline bins that fit most washrooms comfortably. Deep, ribbed chute that prevents waste adhesion and promotes better hygiene. Curved hood prevents objects being placed on the top of the bin. Made from strong, durable and easy to clean ABS that does not absorb odours and retains its colour. Robust pedal designed for long-term use. Touch-free operation promotes best hygiene. Sturdy, high quality unit that is easy to assemble and handle – 2-4 empty bins can be carried at a time. ‘Dry system’ bins are lined so the interior is never soiled. Smooth surface that is easy to clean and keep hygienic. Interchangeable parts, to that in the event of damage lids and flaps can be replaced rather than the whole unit.