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Aadit’s USP

Unique Features Of Services

  • Comprehensive Solution rather than Piecemeal Approach.
  • Consultant and Knowledge Benefactor and not only Product Supplier.
  • Facilitator for Informed Decision making through consultative process.
  • Supply Complete Basket of Products and Services, Mainstream and Peripheral, Products and Product Components.
  • Reliable After Sale Services through specific Software for prompt response.
  • 24 hour guaranteed services within Ahmedabad and within 48 hours in other parts of Gujarat.
  • RMS for refilling check and client information.
  • Centrally located office in Industrial and Governance hub of Gujarat with branch offices in leading cities.

Sustainable Approach To The Product Lifecycle

The products presented by Aadit EHS Solutions Pvt. Ltd are globally accredited products and abide by protection and promotion of environment. Aadit partners with business associates which follows ‘Reduce Today and Respect Tomorrow’ approach. Our mission to save environment is reflected as stated below:

Product Accreditations/Certifications

Products promoted by Aadit EHS Solutions Pvt. Ltd. are certified internationally.

Human Resource Management

  • Well trained and qualified team of engineers for on the spot support and installation
  • Fully equipped back office operations
  • On the job and personality development training
  • Adherence to  all ethical practices for human resource development

Business Approach

  • Steadfast adherence to the highest standards of ethical business practices
  • Promoting concept of environment friendly health, hygiene and safety practices than merely products
  • Involved in philanthropic activities for community services